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𝗙𝗿𝗲𝗲 𝗦𝗵𝗶𝗽𝗽𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗔𝗹𝗹 𝗢𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗣𝗮𝗸𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗻

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    3 in 1 Roller Wax Set - Depilatory Machine + Wax Cartridge + Wax papers

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    • 🐝【EASY TO OPERATE WAXING ROLLER KIT】: The large fixed roller head is very suitable for waxing the legs. The roll-on design makes it easier to apply the wax than before. The entire operation can be completed in just a few steps. Please don't hesitate to buy them. It is a perfect gift for friends or family. (Test the temperature of the waxing machine before use. If the wax is too hot, please wait for a while, and then start the operation).
    • 🐝【SAFE AND LIGHTWEIGHT ROLLER WAXING KIT】: Small and flexible, easy to carry, no need to use a brush or spatula, you can wax on the skin. No need to turn on the wax roller warmer to observe the wax condition in the container from the transparent window. It is recommended to apply wax to wax paper first, and then press the waxing strip on the wax until the fabric completely adheres to the skin. Lastly, lift the wax sharply upwards in one quick motion.
    • 🐝【PORTABLE DESIGN】: wax cartridges are easy to use, so you can provide your clients with the best results, whether you work at a salon or on-the-go. It helps you offer a more personalized experience by using unique aromatic waxes, pre wax care and post waxing care that will leave the skin feeling extremely smooth and soft to the touch.
    Leg · Waxing Kit
    Your solution for smooth legs

    Arm · Roll on Wax
    Effortless waxing for smooth arms

    Chest · Wax Roller
    Effortless waxing for a smooth chest
    Back · Roll on Waxing Kit
    Effortless waxing for a smooth back

    Quick Results of Roller Wax Kit

    Q: Residual wax on the skin, How to remove it?

    A: First, Remove the large area of residual wax by cleaning non-woven paper after waxing. Second, Using the after-wax oil bag wipe small spots of residual wax ( your hands will become sticky at this time). Third, Use pre-wax cleaning for the third time (clean your skin)

    Q: Why is it difficult for rolling wax?

    • Solution 1: heat the rose wax cartridge. Wait for heating to the liquid state. ( tilt the wax box up and down 5 times to see if the wax has good fluidity. )
    • Solution 2: Unlock the roller by sliding the wax strip until the wax slides easily(Prevent the wax from sticking to the wax outlet)
    • Solution 3: roll the wax at an angle of 70 degrees along the growth

    Q: How to use the wax cartridge to apply wax on the skin?

    A: Roll the wax at an angle of 70 degrees along the growth direction of the hair

    Q: How to tear wax strips correctly?

    A: After applying wax, apply the wax strips, (Please don't wait too long, the wax will become dry), Lift the wax strips Backward quickly

    Q: How to store the wax cartridge?

    A: Apply non-woven paper and close the cover, flat on the desktop


    1. Before use, please make sure that the skin is clean and oil-free.

    2. Insert the wax into the Wax machine.

    3. Connect the waxing machine to the main power supply.

    4. Heat the wax box to make it liquid, Usually, the wax is heated to the ideal temperature within 15-25 minutes. Turn off the power, hold the Wax Cartridge, and tilt it at least 5 times to ensure that the wax melts.

    5. Open the cover of the waxing heater machine, tear off the adhesive tape of the wax box, and roll it with the wax roller when using it, the effect will be better. (Apply to the skin quickly before the wax cools)

    6. Follow the direction of hair growth or roll on waxed paper to apply wax. (Please wax as soon as possible before the wax cools)

    7. Use wax paper in the treatment area. Press repeatedly with one hand to evenly and tightly stick the wax paper to the skin from the direction of hair growth.

    8. Pull waxing paper quickly from the opposite direction of hair growth. (Do not use wax multiple times on the same area of the skin)

    9. After depilation, use After Wax Treatment with Lavender Oil to clean it.